Child Sexual Exploitation is happening in Warwickshire. Don't ignore it.

Spot the signs

It can be scary when you think your friend or someone you know is in trouble.

As a friend you are more likely than most to notice the changes that are happening or to be able to spot when something doesn't feel right. Here are a few things to look for look out for your friend....

  • Bunking off school
  • Lying about where they are, perhaps even asking you to lie for them
  • Going to parties or clubs with people older than them
  • Turning up to school or college tired
  • Hanging out with a new group of friends you don't know
  • Starting to distance themselves from you and your friends
  • Having a new phone, jewellery or clothes that have been bought for them
  • No longer caring about their school work

Remember if you are worried about a friend, you don't have to do everything alone. There are people who can not only support you, but also help your friend.

Be aware that your friend probably won't see what is happening to them - they may be enjoying their new exciting friend and lifestyle - but that doesn't mean that it is ok. They may even try to encourage you to join them.

Being a good friend is about looking out for the people around you so if you're worried, if something's not right call police on 101 or contact a support agency. Visit our local and national contacts page via the links to the right.

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