Child Sexual Exploitation is happening in Warwickshire. Don't ignore it.



Barnardo's believe in children - no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through. They will ensure their needs are met and their voices are heard.

This belief started with Barnardo's pioneering founder, Thomas Barnardo, who stood up for the most vulnerable children in society. Barnardo's continue to fight for the UK's most vulnerable children to realise his dream of a world where no child is turned away.

Their vision is Thomas Barnardo's vision - a world where no child is turned away.

Their purpose is to transform the lives of the UK's most vulnerable children.

Their mission

  • Reach and help those children whose voices are unheard and whose needs are unmet.
  • Defend, safeguard and support them at key moments to change their lives for the better.
  • Fight to change policy, practice and public opinion.
  • Inspire our people and partners to unite behind our purpose.
  • Barnardo's value and embrace diversity, and are committed to creating a society for their staff, their volunteers and the children they work with that is free from discrimination, victimisation and harassment.


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